Siren's Sky is Dutch songwriter/guitarist Herbert Kaptein collaborating with various (studio) vocalists. Amongst them are Lydia Salnikova (US), Jessica Rasche (US), Mella Barnes (US), eSoreni (US), Esther Bredius (NL) and Nadine Bakker van Goudzwaard (NL).

Before starting Siren's Sky, Kaptein was the songwriter/guitar player in various New Wave/Alternative Rock Rotterdam based bands "Eyes Are Blind" and "The Undertow". His diverse, melodic, soulful and organic music is rooted in alt rock, classic rock, new wave, 80’s and 90’s rock music.


All lyrics and music are written, arranged, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kaptein working from his home studio, in co-operation with acclaimed session vocalists. Over time collaboration has gravitated towards working with Salnikova whose melancholic and amazingly expressive voice has proven a perfect match to Kaptein's music.


Good music resonates with the soul. It soothes, heals and connects. It can nullify any barrier or wall.

Lydia Salnikova

Lydia Salnikova

Born and raised in Russia, Lydia originally made her stand in the U.S. music scene as a lead vocalist and keyboard player for the Grammy-nominated band Bering Strait, which released 2 albums on Universal South Records and was featured in a “60 Minutes” episode, as well as a full-length documentary, “The Ballad Of Bering Strait”. The band extensively toured throughout the U.S.

Lydia, being both a skilled singer and a classically trained pianist left Bering Strait in 2006 to start searching for her own voice, not that of a singer or a player in a band but that of a solo artist. 

Since leaving Bering Strait, Lydia has released 2 full-length solo albums: “Hallway” (2010) and “Valentine Circle” (2013). Lydia’s most recent offering, a concept EP titled “New Heart”, inspired by and dedicated to the wonder of pregnancy and new parenthood, was released in November 2014.

In addition to making music as an artist, Lydia puts a lot of focus on her work as a session singer, musician, arranger and producer – collaborating with other producers, studios and songwriters worldwide.

Vocals on Release, Forever, Cosmic, No More Running, Until You Feel, Heal You, Let Go and Soulmates

Jessica Rasche

Vocals on 'Blinded', 'Dance' and 'The Dream'. Since 2008, Jessica has recorded over 400+ vocal tracks for 100+ songs. From 2008-2012 she was the primary vocalist of Jeff Hamel's "Majestic" Project, releasing 4 CD's - "Arrival", "Clover Suite", "Ataraxia", and "Labyrinth". She also was the featured vocalist on the Proximal Distance project spearheaded by Jeff Hamel & Gregg Johns of Slychosis releasing 1 CD. 
Jessica has received reviews from professional music critics globally in regards to her crisp, clean, powerful vocals following the release of these CD projects, receiving rave reviews such as “Jessica’s vocals has a mesmerizing effect whether she sings softly or belts it out rock diva style.”

Jessica continues to work with other musicians, and participates as session vocalist both at home and at pro studio locations. She also is the lead singer for the band "Crossing Jezebel".

Esther Bredius

Esther started her vocal career as the leadsinger of Kaptein's former Alt Rock/New Wave/Post Punk rockband “Eyes Are Blind”. They performed many times throughout The Netherlands during December 2007-2010 before being disbanded in 2011. Subsequently Esther became a session singer for various artists and online projects. Vocals on 'Autumn in Me'.
Besides being a singer Esther also is an artist, painter and has her own Voice-over studio.

Mella Barnes

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Vocals on 'Here and Now'. Mella is a professional session singer, songwriter and producer with an expertise in top line writing. She is the co-founder of Telly Award Winning company Brain Stamp Music. With over ten years of experience, she has completed songs for musicians around the globe. Mella is a singer/songwriter whose pop music reflects a complicated life and a myriad of feelings.


Amazingly talented singer with a voice beyond comparison. Warm, delicate, angelic and ethereal. Vocals and lyrics on 'As the Night Comes' and 'Slowlove'.

The Dine

Nadine Bakker van Goudzwaard aka The Dine is a talented upcoming singer from The Netherlands.  She did the vocals on the latest songs Colours and Drive All Night.

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