Review CD 'Forever' - Cyrus Rhodes – January 5, 2016 – 7/10


… From start to finish this “Forever” CD from Siren’s Sky delivers a unique psychedelic classic rock mojo and will a joy for those who like rock with a Celtic vocal overtones. At times they remind me a lot of Heart. The music is diverse, melancholy, lyrically fascinating, striking, and sonically entertaining. The songwriting – all consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair and signature groove. The writing, playing and singing abilities of Siren’s Sky is consistent. The strong suit of Siren’s Sky is the unique approach of using 3 female vocalists in unison. Their artistic presence together or separately is to die for. The overall persona and psychedelic-neo-classical mystique of Siren’s Sky featuring Herbert Kaptein is something millions of people should gravitate towards.

Review CD 'Forever'

Skope – – Levi Curtis – 4/5 stars – January 11, 2016


... One of the most dynamic and under the radar multi-talents on today’s indie music scene, this exciting collaboration continues on a spiritually driven musical adventure that blossomed on her breakthrough 2015 recording entitled “Forever.” All 3 vocalists clearly a seasoned vocal performers and I get the impression Kaptein is the mastermind behind all this. Enticing fans with their appealing Euro Rock flair, impassioned vocals, and infectious mystique Siren’s Sky is impressive to the senses. Forever delivers everything the title implies. Here you will discover a carefully crafted collection of music that shines brightly and brilliantly…


Whereas 90% of the Pop CD’s out there right sound take this approach. This is an important factor for me when evaluating a CD like “Forever”. Keeping this in mind I’d rather listen to Sirens Sky than 90% of the tacky cut and paste Pop albums out there right now. Overall, this latest release from Siren’s Sky pulls out all the stops and will bring fascination and intrigue to your status quos.

Review CD 'Forever – Troy Benson – 4/5 stars – January 11, 2016

… It’s pretty much a melancholy masterpiece of complexity and adventurous depth proving once again that good European Alternative Rock need not be taken too seriously – but never to be taken too lightly. Siren’s Sky achieves her own distinctive voice in significant part by featuring the unique guitar/3 voice combination at the core of all these songs. At the same time with a plethora of instrumentation that 4 artists can dish out – all making for a unique sonic experience altogether…

…Siren’s Sky clearly feels equally as comfortable powering through the modern alt-rock grooves of the former as tiptoeing through the more contemplative, sonic alternative punk contrails of the latter. In this musical environment Siren’s Sky finds the seam between the two approaches, delivering a steady interlude of music in the midst of musical chaos making for an astonishing yet stunning musical experience. Much of the songs unfold in similar fashion as Siren’s Sky alternate solo/duo meditative moments with deftly executed, often-challenging rocked out syncopation. If Kaptein wrote and produced all these then he could be bigger than any of us realize at the moment. They are all quite remarkable artists, composers and performers as well…

Review CD 'Forever – 8/10 – Owen Matheson – January 2016

… Kaptein’s guitar work is intricate enough to provide enough drive and movement through songs such as “Cosmic”, “The Dream”, and “Dance”, yet subtle enough to aid in showcasing intimate vocal performances. Instrumentation on “Forever” can range from everything to jangley clean riffs, similar to vintage Byrds tunes, to heavy alternative rock sounds that fit the particularly aggressive vocal performance of Rasche in tracks like “The Dream”. The guitar and bass work always seems to serve as a backdrop on this album (except for a few instances, like the brief bass interlude in “The Dance”, and the last instrumental track), but the choice to give the album a vocal and lyrical driven premise was a great decision considering the level of vocal talent Bredius, Salnikova, and Rasche possess. Depending on the lead vocalist, Siren’s Sky can sound like everything from a driven, later period, Stevie Nicks lineup of Fleetwood Mac, to a heavy, more contemporary alternative group like Evanescence. Overall, the production of this album is very high and the band has created a work that showcases an array of talent. 


Siren’s Sky certainly has the vocal potential, and Herbert Kaptein appears to be a songwriter and instrumentalist that can work effectively with all three of these singers. There is no dispute that nine very good tracks have been made here…

Review EP 'Heal You'
No Depression - - Owen Matheson - August 10, 2016


This EP is a shining achievement...In short, “Heal You” sounds very good, this music has been mixed with fantastic clarity and professionalism, integrates vocals from critically-acclaimed, seasoned musicians, and has created a whirlwind of sound that submerses, envelopes, and captivates the audience....“Heal You” is a high quality work that establishes a firm sense of musical direction and showcases excellent vocals. The principle strength of this EP is that it creates an enveloping, hypnotic sound through integration of simple components that have been nearly perfected.


Review EP 'Heal You'
Yeah I know it Sucks, KN, March 11, 2017.

Did you ever come across the sound of God? I’m not talking about these strange debunked videos on YouTube featuring strange horn like sounds coming from the sky, but music that has this god-like presence? Why is it so hard to describe? It’s not as if the music was made by a God, but somehow feels as if it’s done by followers who made music by channeling this God-like spirit. In the case of ‘Siren’s Sky’ it pretty much feels like that; you hear the band play and the pretty vocals sing & automatically feel like we are on a festival in which God loving humans are standing on a field with their hands high in the sky in order to receive (probably) the healing lights of the one who is looking out for them....

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Review CD 'Cosmic'
Drooble, 11 june 2019.

“Cosmic” takes us way further than back to its release year of 2017. It paints a world which feels way more beautiful and simpler than ours. From the beautiful artwork to each and every note that is on the record it feels like a story these musicians assembled to share with us. From the acoustic guitar driven opener “Release” through the post-rock leaning tracks like “Forever” and “Cosmic” to the almost indie country vibe of “Heal You” and the soulful “Soulmates”, you are in for a very intimate and sincere experience. If we had to describe the album with one word it would have been warmth. Everything in “Cosmic” just feels warmer – the production, the guitar tone, the vocals, the honest and personal lyrics, the minimalist and precise arrangements. Every bit of the album is on the right place, the way the tracks are ordered makes it feel a full-on emotional rollercoaster. “Cosmic” will not let you get distracted for even a second. So, hit play and spend some time in the beautiful world of “Siren’s Sky” – the night sky there have more stars than city lights.

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