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CD 'Forever' was released in November 2015 and features Lydia Salnikova, Jessica Rasche and Esther Bredius on vocals. 

Siren's Sky_Forever.jpg

Heal You

EP "Heal You" was released on digital media on 2nd August 2016 and contains 5 songs. Vocals are by Lydia Salnikova and Mella Barnes.


This CD is a compilation of previous CD 'Forever" and EP 'Heal You', featuring vocals by Lydia Salnikova only. It was released on 25 January 2017. It will not only be digitally available but will also be available as a hardcopy CD. All songs have been re-mixed whilst final mastering has been carried out by Indieplant.

As the Night Comes and Slowlove

Single featuring two songs with eSoreni on vocals. Released 24 January 2018. ESoreni also provided the lyrics to these soothing and ethereal songs.


Colours and Drive All Night

Single featuring two songs with Dutch singing talent Nadine Bakker van Goudzwaard on vocals. Release 13 March 2018

Nadine Bakker van Goudzwaard

Futher releases

Audible here or on all digital media platforms.

Your Pain Is My Pain 7-3-2019
Featuring eSoreni on vocals.

Fading Away / Orange Harbour 1-8-2019
Herb sings himself!

Love Is The Wonder 31-3-2020
Featuring Lydia Salnikova

Forgotten 15-11-2020
Featuring Marina Huisman

Rise 21-12-2020

Featuring Marina Huisman