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Bijgewerkt op: 17 mrt. 2021

Our new song Freedom will be out in a matter of 3 weeks, and although it is brand new there is a long story behind it. I will share the history of the song in another post, because the song is new and old at the same time. Over the past couple of weeks I recorded the entire track and last Saturday me and Nadine, who also sang 'Colours' and 'Drive All Night' recorded her vocals under nasty weather conditions: SouthWest Beaufort 7 while rain and hail was clattering on the windows. We even had to record some vocal parts in the hallway in order to get rid of all the background noises. Since then I have been editing, finetuning, mixing and mastering almost constantly. The final 20% of a song takes about 70 up to 80% of the time and it took me up to late Mondaynight to get it right. Not complaining though, we love the result as it turned out to be a great song, with stunning vocals by The Dine.

The coming time I will be remastering some old(er) songs which will gradually replace earlier versions. This song Colours is of the first ones. Click on the link below for a longer preview and add the song to your favourites., Buying is even better!


Bijgewerkt op: 16 mrt. 2021

Today our new song Rise has been released.


In the still of the night

We were caught by surprise

By a curse so unreal

For our freedom it did steal

Darkness came over us

And our freedom it was lost

Fear was sown all the way

Wanting to make us pay

My love be aware

They don’t really care

All they need are their slaves

Being trapped in their waves


They will rule and divide

Crumbling us from inside

They are thieves they are liars

Tripping us through their wires

We were led astray

They took our souls away

We may rise we may fall

We may lose or have it all

In the still of the night

We were caught by surprise

By a curse so unreal For our freedom it did steal