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Welcome to Siren's Sky Music

Welcome to our music. Please browse through pages and find the music you like, or find us on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc.  Music starts where words end.

Very excited to be working on a new song of which Lydia Salnikova is singing-in the vocals right now. Meanwhile our cat Benji is keeping an eye on the recording work while awaiting the vocal stems.

The first Siren's Sky songs I'm singing myself! Laid back vocals over a timeless classic high energy rock song (Fading Away). The other one (Orange Harbour) is a spherical atmospheric song about being in a desolate open and endless harbour landscape. Orange Harbour actually is an older song I already played with my previous band. I now felt it was time to make a full fledged recording. Enjoy!

All of my non-instrumental songs have been sung by great female vocalist (thank you all ladies!) but these two I had to sing myself. "Orange Harbour" is an atmospheric song about wasteland harbour landscapes, ships, birds, petrol fumes and eternal flames burning. “Fading Away” is a straight rocker. I had it audited by some friends of mine and it reminded them of The Stone Roses, Echo and the Bunnymen and early Pink Floyd. Beats me but could be worse, out on 1 August anyway :-).

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