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Welcome to Siren's Sky Music

Welcome to our music. Please browse through pages and find the music you like, or find us on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc.  Music starts where words end.

Nothing better than working out a new song. It comes to you somewhere from a secret place. You hear it in your head and then the handwork starts. You start playing what you hear, you start trying things out. Some songs need lyrics and other don't. You have melodies in your head but you still have to find structures: a verse, a chorus, a bridge, a break... You start laying out the structure, the the bpm, the drums, rhythm, breaks and fills. You select the instruments you want to use, record a rough demo, contact the singer that suits the song in the best possible way and start working with her. You receive her stems, leads and harmonies. You mix them in. You redo individual instrument takes. You perfect the mix by using EQ, compression, panning, multi layered busses, lots of plugins, parallel compression, dynamic EQ, brickwalls and so forth. You work for hours and hours to create the ideal mix, in the way as you want it to sound. Maybe you spice it up by adding final or additional instrumentation. You reference the mix with previous other songs. You audit all kinds of mixes through all kinds of systems, headphones, in the car, everywhere. The you do the final mastering. Constantly tweaking and evaluating. Making it final after some good night’s sleep or a longer wait. And then make another final one, and another.... Uploading the song and artwork in order to get it up on Spotify and other digital platforms. You have to pay a fee to do so, but it doesn't matter. Your song is the way to communicate with the world. It has been given to you and you share it. Sometimes yo only have a couple of listeners per day. But you don't mind, you were part of a creative process. Your baby now is out there, somewhere in the digital realm, and hopefully, somewhere in the heart of a listener. New single Your Pain Is My Pain out on 7 March 2019. Enjoy <3.

A while ago Nicky Baldrian of Rocktopia/Fireworks Magazine approached us for an interview. We're now in issue 84, covering 2 pages with our CD 'Cosmic' being called 'faboulous'. The magazine is packed with music and also comes with a free CD featuring one of our songs.

Cool to be amidst of great artists as Muse, Chris Cornell and Foster The People.

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