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The Bandcamp diaries did a review on my new single in collaboration with eSoreni.

Here's an exerpt:


The track has a very laid-back attitude, which flirts with dream-pop and shoegaze while retaining the project’s natural indie rock aesthetics. Think Low jamming with Joy Division, borrowing gear from Hammock and Sigur Ros! The result is a soothing and direct sound, which is particularly impressive due to its multiple sonic layers.


Full review

I am so proud of this collaboration with eSoreni. Apart from lending me her angelic voice she also provided the lyrics for both songs. Sure feels like a match made in heaven!

Released 13 March 2018 Listen here on Spotify.

Preparing for a fotoshoot with singer Nadine Bakker in a windy old factory for coverpicture of new single to be released soon!

Getting ready for pictures in a windy old factory