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Welcome to Siren's Sky Music

Welcome to our music. Please browse through pages and find the music you like, or find us on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc.  Music starts where words end.

Thank you Jeff of Odd Nugget for this amazing review.

Poetic pain bleeding over rocking balladry… Siren’s Sky set sights on high in their dramatic new track “Release.” Fans of symphonic metal will get a kick out of this one for sure. Tempted to a distant horizon, you move. Crisp air, sharp light and sound… The ground is shifting. Stones dislodge. Down; a chasm opens at your feet. Eyes shut, a light glows far beneath you. Tunnel’s end is your beginning.

Link to Odd Nugget.

The Bandcamp diaries did a review on my new single in collaboration with eSoreni.

Here's an exerpt:


The track has a very laid-back attitude, which flirts with dream-pop and shoegaze while retaining the project’s natural indie rock aesthetics. Think Low jamming with Joy Division, borrowing gear from Hammock and Sigur Ros! The result is a soothing and direct sound, which is particularly impressive due to its multiple sonic layers.


I am so proud of this collaboration with eSoreni. Apart from lending me her angelic voice she also provided the lyrics for both songs. Sure feels like a match made in heaven!

Released 13 March 2018 Listen here on Spotify.

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